Tailoring your job search to company values

In our last post, we talked about positive employee behaviours, but as a job seeker, it’s also important to be sure that the company values of a potential employer resonate with your own, and that their business model suits you too. The values that a company holds dear can be a great indicator of the […]

Employee behaviours and attitudes that can boost your business

When recruiting for new staff there’s a lot riding on you in terms of overall business performance – so it’s essential that you secure individuals that demonstrate the right employee behaviours and values. If staff values aren’t aligned with company values it can lead to a lack of productivity, low team morale and high staff […]

How To Create A Standout HR LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that 4 out of 5 business professionals have an active profile on LinkedIn and that when someone ‘Google’s’ your full name, your LinkedIn profile is often the first thing that people see? Fascinating data- which leads me onto a question; is your LinkedIn profile doing a great job for you when it […]

Productivity Hacks For Today’s Modern Manager

No matter what anyone says about work life balance, todays modern employee is expected to do more and…. faster. Last week I was having a conversation with a HR manager and the subject of productivity came up. The individual in question was working across three different geographical sites, had 4 projects on the go and […]

4 Ways to Become a Standout HR manager

HR leaders wear a lot of hats these days. Gone are the times when HR were ‘just’ there to fight fires and chase up contracts. The new generation of HR are business leaders, expected to deliver outstanding results on behalf of the company. Yet there’s a problem. HR managers often struggle to find legitimacy within […]

How To Write A Job Spec That Attracts That Dream HR Team Member

Competition is fierce for the top talent in human resources, and no wonder: the best HR candidates can genuinely transform a business in multiple ways. So how do you attract those dream HR team members? How do you stand out from the competition as being an ideal employer for their particular skill-set, and just as […]

Recognising Super Hu-Mums – Mothers Day 2017

To celebrate Mother’s Day we took the opportunity to speak to some colleagues, friends, and clients of Human to celebrate the hard working Super Hu-Mums across the region. Thanks to everyone who took part! Name: Maria Elliott When Did You Become A Mum? In 2004 when my gorgeous son Jasper was born, then again in 2013 […]

Is Your HR CV Fit For Purpose?

Odd, isn’t it. As an HR professional, you know full well what a good CV looks like—yet when it comes to writing your own, you struggle. You’re not alone in this; CV writing is tough, and finding that winning balance between highlighting your achievements, your potential, and your personality in the space of one or […]

The Surprising Reasons Why Candidates Turn Down Job Offers

It’s frustrating isn’t it, when candidates reject your offer. Even more so when you work in HR and that you thought you had everything covered? The reality is it happens. Today’s post explores some of the reasons why in today’s economy it’s going to become more common than ever.   Let’s look back APSCo and […]

Career Suicide: Why You Should Never Accept A Counter Offer

You’ve been offered a new role at another company, only to be surprised (and let’s face it, a little flattered) by a counter-offer from your present employer. You are even considering saying yes. Let’s hang fire first and look at the longer-term implications of saying yes; there are a few- with many providing a less […]