Planning for the unplannable – the strategy behind your recruitment strategy

The annual business planning process – the holy grail of planning. At best you’ll have access to insight, intelligence and decision makers; at worst you may get some numbers on a spreadsheet that make little or no sense. It’s looking up though; recruitment and retention is back on the board-level agenda with over a quarter […]

Hire right or hire fast – what’s the best way to recruit?

In an ideal world the best way to recruit is to fill a post quickly and with exactly the right candidate – but how easy is that to achieve in reality? Often, filling a vacancy fast can end in an unsatisfactory experience for both the employer and the employee, but equally, you don’t want to […]

Why continuous recruitment is essential for building a talent pipeline

Building a talent pipeline is crucial if you want to attract the right talent to your team, but despite its many benefits, the process of continuous recruitment is an often-overlooked complementary method. Reactive recruitment certainly has a place in some sectors and types of roles, and may even feel unavoidable if you have a surprise […]

Looking for a Voluntary Finance role? Support Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

Wherever we can we aim to support local charities, part of this support is helping to advertise their volunteer opportunities and vacancies. If you have some time free and would like to help this fantastic organisation to keep their finances in order, please get in touch with Terry Lowell, Volunteer Coordinator today on 01909 517360 or […]

Still happy almost 3 years later…

We love a bit of feedback at Human, especially when it comes in out of the blue from a candidate we placed almost 3 years ago. This week Sam got in touch to say thanks for helping him find a great role.   I met Amy during a very difficult period of my working life. […]

Think relationships, not transactions: Could talent pipe-lining solve your recruitment headaches

Could talent pipe-lining solve your recruitment headaches? Some of the most senior business leaders in the world believe skills shortages in the workplace are reaching crisis levels. According to accountancy giant PWC’s annual CEO Survey, concerns over skills shortages have been rapidly growing. In 2009, just 46% of CEOs cited skills shortages as a concern, this […]

Tailoring your job search to company values

In our last post, we talked about positive employee behaviours, but as a job seeker, it’s also important to be sure that the company values of a potential employer resonate with your own, and that their business model suits you too. The values that a company holds dear can be a great indicator of the […]

Employee behaviours and attitudes that can boost your business

When recruiting for new staff there’s a lot riding on you in terms of overall business performance – so it’s essential that you secure individuals that demonstrate the right employee behaviours and values. If staff values aren’t aligned with company values it can lead to a lack of productivity, low team morale and high staff […]

How To Create A Standout HR LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that 4 out of 5 business professionals have an active profile on LinkedIn and that when someone ‘Google’s’ your full name, your LinkedIn profile is often the first thing that people see? Fascinating data- which leads me onto a question; is your LinkedIn profile doing a great job for you when it […]

Productivity Hacks For Today’s Modern Manager

No matter what anyone says about work life balance, todays modern employee is expected to do more and…. faster. Last week I was having a conversation with a HR manager and the subject of productivity came up. The individual in question was working across three different geographical sites, had 4 projects on the go and […]